Club Sports Council isn’t your regular Registered Student Organization under the school. We are an Associate Organization and this means we have the power to govern and lead a large group of students in their passions. In our case, we govern all of Club Sports and their members. We know each Club Sport is different and so are their members. Each Club varies in competitiveness and we do our best to help each Club improve in their separate ways. Our main goals are to improve the experience of student athletes who want to compete and to bring more pride and attention to all Missouri S&T sports. We strive to be the best and to help others be their best.

    We know a lot of students choose Missouri S&T for the academics and sacrifice playing on a varsity team for this reason. We want to help these students continue the love of their sport. These activities also give students a stress reliever from difficult classes and introduces them to a new family and life-long friendships. The bonds made in Club Sports are almost as strong as the bonds made in Varsity Sports. We love to see athletes enjoying themselves and hope you choose to join one yourself or join Club Sports Council and make a difference campus-wide.

Contact Information:

Email: clubsports@mst.edu

Instagram: minerclubsports

Facebook: @minerclubsports 

Twitter: @minerclubsports